March 8/15 2018

Recognize your body language
Workshop series at Gimsel Academy

Do you want to know what your body has to tell you? Get energized, reduce stress and live a balanced life (again)? Time to experience the liberating power of movement!

Coming spring, I will conduct a series of two workshops at Gimsel Academy, called Recognize your body language. In these workshops you will learn to recognize and experience the stories as told by your own body. The workshops are based on dance therapy techniques and include various dance, movement and breathing exercises. They are nót about dancing skills or learning certain steps and moves, but address questions like: how do you move and why? How does it feel? Do you show what you feel on the inside? Can you feel what you show? Recognize your body language lets you look at and listen to yourself in a playful way.

Experience what dance and movement can do for you!


Workshop series Recognize your body language

Where: Gimsel Academy – Mariniersweg 9, Rotterdam

When: March 8 & 15 maart 2018; 19h30 – 21h30r
Tuition fee: € 28,00 per session / € 52,00 for the series

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