January 10th

Get off the Couch!
Positive vibes for teens (ages 11-16)

Are you in your teens and would you like to absorbe some positive energy? Discover your strengths, possibilities and limits and have fun at the same time? Get off the Couch! and let your body speak to you.

Get off the Couch!… and do what?
Get off the Couch! is a varied dance therapeutic program designed to create positive vibes. You will find it helps improve your social skills, concentration, creativity, self appreciation and healthy coping strategies.

Let’s take to the floor and move, dance, stand still, feel, listen and experience together!

Get off the Couch – practical info
Where: De Groene Passage – Dojo Opaal
Mariniersweg 9 3011 NB Rotterdam
When: Wednessdays,  18h00-19h30
Start series: 10 januari 2018
Tuition fee: series of 10 lessons
Series of 10 lessons: € 150, – per person
(family discount for participating brothers and/or sisters)
Age group: 11-16 years
Group size: 6 to 12 teens

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