Body-based Coaching

"If your body could speak what would it say (right now)?"

Body-based Coaching

Would you like to make better use of your abilities, competencies and skills? Would you like to feel more secure, more grounded? Would you like enjoy life, free from inhibitions? Body-based Coaching can help you recognize, embrace and develop your talents.

What is Body-based Coaching?

Body-based Coaching is founded on the premise, that you have the basics of all talents to function effectively and satisfactorily, if you can only recognize and maximize your talents. Your body, your movement language, is the starting point for Body-based Coaching. Through movement, your body becomes your mouthpiece, as it were. A manifestation of the things you, deep down, already know and are able to feel consciously, but also of deeper talents, desires and blockages that stand in the way of your making full use of your talents. In other words, you become aware of the connection between body and mind. Between body language and the spoken word. Between literal movement and inner drive.

How does Body-based Coaching work?

Through practical exercises like grounding, breathing and space experience, you become aware of your body and the signals your body sends. Each coaching session starts and ends with you answering the following question: “If your body could speak what would it say (right now)?”. Your answer to that question may differ each time and holds the key to a further discussion of your body experience.

You gradually learn to understand your own body language. Body language is an expression of what is literally going on. It consists of motion metaphors and gestures, which have certain similarities to the information stored in your body. It’s how you gain insight into existing beliefs and thought patterns, coping styles and underexposed sides of yourself. You will learn to listen to what your body has to say.

Recognize when you’re out of balance, or when you trying to keep a straight back but are actually inches away from tipping over. A deeper contact with the body means deeper contact with yourself.

During the coaching process you will (learn how to):

  • Identify and clearly describe your personal goals
  • Identify your personal qualities, talents and strength and learn how to show them in public
  • Identify, investigate and overcome (self-) obstructive behaviour and thought patterns
  • Recognize your own authenticity and achieve self-acceptance
  • Restore the balance between feeling, thinking and acting
  • Develop, train and apply a range of new skills

Is Body-based Coaching for you?

Body-based Coaching is for you, if you want to improve the quality of your life and work and seek to experience and benefit from the knowledge that is present inside your body.